Japan-themed Attraction Center ‘Little Kyoto’ in China closed for “Cultural Invasion”

A Japan-themed shopping center in China’s Liaoning Province was closed less than two weeks after it opened.

Tang Little Kyoto is a shopping district located in Dalian city. It is known to offer a taste of Japanese culture in China. Unfortunately, it was ordered by local authorities to close on Monday, according to Nikkei.

The authorities have dispatched a notice which led to 29 shops in the area being closed out. These shops were only in operation in the initial state of the grand scheme of Tang Little Kyoto. Shops primarily affected are some Japanese restaurants, retailers that sold Japanese products, and some electronics.

The reasons that Tang Little Kyoto received for the temporary closure are supposedly the online backlash and the pandemic restrictions. However, the internet backlash from online critics is no minor deal. They have labeled the project “Cultural Invasion” for selling Japanese products and making the houses look like they do in Kyoto.

Others complained that they’re using the name “Tang” in the project, which is only used in Japanese elements. Users also stated that Dalian was once under Japanese corporations. Some tried to defend the project saying that Chinese cities also have the attention of Japanese companies.

The Project Is on Pause for Now

This gigantic project under construction has the cost of $928.5 Million backing it. It expands up to 600,000-square meters in land. This project was estimated to be completed in 2024

Everything was okay with the project a while ago. The local government was happy with the project, and even the mayor attended the signing ceremony in 2019 held in Tokyo. Even though the buildings are still in the sale, it’s still unclear about the project’s future.

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