Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Actresses

Oricon Style, a company with a status similar to that of Billboard, has recently published a ranking of the most popular artists in Japan. This company regularly releases top 10 rankings covering various areas of Japan’s entertainment industry, including music, television, and other forms of art. Through its rankings , it is possible to get … Read more

20 Prefectures Have Been Issued Heatstroke Alerts

almost half of prefectures in japan have announced heatstroke alert

On Sunday, Japan alerted millions of citizens of heatstroke as record-breaking temperatures rose across large swathes while the torrential rains ravaged other areas. National broadcaster NHK cautioned viewers that temperatures were at a level that could be life-threatening in some areas, with temperatures reaching almost forty degrees Celsius in certain areas, including Tokyo. “Please stay … Read more

A Third Of University Students In Japan Use ChatGPT

Around 32 per cent of the university students surveyed in Japan claimed to have utilized artificial intelligent chatbots ChatGPT, and many of them said ChatGPT improves their thinking skills in a recent study conducted by a Japanese research organization. ChatGPT was most commonly used by students from the Department of science technology, Environment and Agriculture, … Read more

Japan Raises Age Of Consent From 13 To 16

Age of consent raised in Japan

The age limit for consent in Japan was increased from 13, one of the world’s lowest, to 16 in the last session of parliament on Friday, as legislators approved important reforms to the sex crime law. These reforms, which clear the requirements of prosecution for rape and make voyeurism criminal, were approved by the parliament’s … Read more

The Human Toll of the Tokaimura Incident: Hisashi Ouchi’s Story

Researchers from all over the globe are always keen to learn more about radiation ever since it was first discovered and then employed as a nuclear weapon. They’ve conducted a great deal of studies to discover the impact it has on living creatures. Throughout all these years, the focus was on animals for obvious reasons. … Read more

Echoes of Torture: Uncovering the Unimaginable in Junko Furuta’s Story

This chilling tale is about a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Junko Furuta that was kidnapped, raped, and tortured to hell for 44 days and then murdered with brutality by four men in 1988. The girl’s body was found in a concrete drum, and the murder trial followed, which was dubbed “the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.” There … Read more

10 Most Common Japanese Surnames Along With Their Meaning

The little-known fact is that before the Meiji period (1868-1912), people of all ages in Japan didn’t possess surnames. These titles were only reserved for those in positions of authority, noblesse, or with exceptional artistic abilities. Family names Around 100,000 named families are within Japan. More than many Western nations and greater than neighboring Korea … Read more

10 Most Valuable Japanese Cars Brands

Japanese cars have reached the top of global auto rankings due to their quality and reliability. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda are famous Japanese automobile manufacturers that have won the hearts of motorists across the globe. The luxurious Lexus and the sexy Infiniti are among the latest and most costly models. There are many more Top … Read more

Japan’s Dolphin Meat Contains Mercury Levels up to 100 Times the Safe Limit, Tests Show

Marine conservation group, Action for Dolphins (AFD), has lodged a complaint with police in Japan, demanding the removal of ‘toxic’ dolphin meat from sale. A recent test carried out by a Japanese laboratory found that a sample of Risso’s dolphin offal exceeded the government’s recommended safe level of mercury by up to 97.5 times, while … Read more

A Japanese waitress was fired for adding her own blood to cocktails she served

A waitress at the Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku in Sapporo, Hokkaido was fired after it was discovered that she had added her own blood to cocktails she served to unsuspecting customers. The cafe, whose name translates to ‘Problem Child Concept Café’, issued an apology for the incident. Earlier this month, the cafe took to Twitter … Read more

Black Student Separated During Graduation Because of His Cornrows

Japanese student separated during highschool graduation because of his cornrows

The 18-year-old wanted to commemorate his graduation from high school by wearing cornrows. However, he was told to stay quiet and separate from fellow students. According to local news reports, a Black Japanese teenager from Japan was separated from his peers during his graduation ceremony because his hair was in cornrows. According to the Mainichi … Read more

More than 40 Dolphins Found Beached in Japan

Dolphins beached in Japan

Sources disclose that eight dolphins have been found beached around the Tokyo beaches during sunrise on Tuesday. These dolphins have a couple of nicknames, such as melon-headed whales, little killer whales, and Electra-dolphin. According to the locals, they were found in a state where they struggled to breathe. “I felt sorry for all those weak … Read more

Poor Support Has Led 40% of Afghan Evacuees To Leave Japan

Afghan evacuees leaving Japan

Approximately 40 percent of the 169 Afghan evacuees who came to Japan after the Taliban regained control in August last year have abandoned the country, citing pressure and a lack of help from the Japanese Foreign Ministry. Although Japan has given refugee status to 98 persons, 58 of the possible Taliban victims returned to Afghanistan. … Read more

Japanese Toilet Paper Company Files Complaint Against Its Rival For Selling Longer Rolls

Japanese toilet paper company files complaint

Three times longer toilet paper rolls were trademarked by a Japanese company. There are relatively few standout traits when it comes to toilet papers. Rolls from competing manufacturers that each claim to be fluffy but sturdy can resemble one another. However, a significant Japanese producer of toilet paper rolls deemed the rival’s roll as identical. … Read more

Japan Lifts Its Travel Ban On Solo Tourists

Japan Travel Open

Last week, Japan loosened entry restrictions for foreign tourists by increasing the daily entry cap from 20,000 to 50,000. It was the latest step in a series of small steps towards reopening the country to foreign travelers. But now a more significant measure is on the horizon, with news that Japan will finally lift the … Read more

Sasebo-Slashing: The Murder Of An 11-Year-Old Girl By Her Classmate 

An 11-year-old Japanese girl who was accused of killing her friend Satomi Mitarai is known by the nickname “Nevada-tan.” The murder of Mitarai entailed the use of a box cutter to sever her limbs and throat on June 1, 2004, at a primary school in Sasebo, Japan. It has earned the moniker “Sasebo Slashing.” Since … Read more

This is What Your New iPhone 8 Looks Like: Employee Leaks Photos and Details

A project of serious importance to Apple, the company is preparing to unveil their much anticipated latest model of the iPhone this week. Their plans were interrupted by an apparent “disgruntled employee” leaking sensitive details about the model and software. Albeit petty to many, the new iPhone is said to be “the most important phone … Read more

16 Awesome Things From Japan That Should Immediately Be Used Everywhere on Earth

Japan is an incredible country. What amazes us the most about the Land of the Rising Sun is that it rapidly produces lots of wonderful and useful things every year. We can’t help but admire all the beauty and splendor of Japanese culture, and we can’t wait to see the greatest achievements of Japanese creative minds used by the rest of the … Read more

The “Lucky Cat” Temple : Gotokuji 

Just a few minutes from Tokyo bustling districts such as Shinjuku or Shibuya, is Setagaya Ward. You’ll dive into it to get to Gotokuji, a temple considered at the origin of the well known Maneki-Neko: the cat that welcomes visitors with its right paw up in the air. Gotokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple that … Read more