Court Orders JR West To Pay Back 56 Yen To Employee For 1 Minute Delay But Denies 2.2 Million Compensation

A Japanese court has decided West Japan Railway Co. must pay back the 56 yen ($0.45) it took from the salary of one train driver after a delay of one minute in the year 2020. Although the Okayama District Court ruled that the reduction in pay offered at JR West’s Okayama branch of JR West … Read more

US Marine In Okinawa Indicted Over Sexual Assault On Women

A 22-year-old U.S. Marine was indicted four months earlier for sexual assault that resulted in an injury to a woman in Okinawa Prefecture. Local prosecutors announced on Tuesday, bringing another case of alleged crimes involving U.S. military personnel on the southern part of the island. In October, the Marine, Jordan Begaye, allegedly assaulted a woman … Read more

Bank Mistakenly Sends 46.3 Million Yen COVID Handout To Single Household

A west Japan city of Abu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, wrongly transferred 46.3 million yen (about $36,000) in coronavirus-related subsidies to the account of a household, as it was declared on the 15th of April. This incident happened under the Japanese government’s program to give out 100,000 yen (approx. $790 exempt from residential tax ) handouts to … Read more

Japanese Yakuza Gets Arrested In US For Dealing Drugs And Weapons

The United States has arrested a leader of the Japanese Yakuza and three Thai men and accused them of facilitating the trafficking of methamphetamine, heroin, and other drugs and attempting to purchase US-made missiles to arm armed groups within Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Takeshi Ebisawa, Sompak Rukrasaranee (retired Thai military), Sompob Sangasiri, and Suksan Jullanan( … Read more

Japanese Show “Old Enough” Showcases Toddlers Experiencing Adult Chores

If you’ve been browsing Netflix during the past few days, there’s a high chance you’ve been hit across the face by a bizarre-looking Japanese documentary. Whatever your preferred experience with the channel is, whether you like Bridgerton or Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, or documentaries from the second world war, it’s there. In multi-colored bubble letters … Read more

Why Japan’s smoking laws are stuck ‘in the last century’

Link :   It’s a scene almost unimaginable in Australia these days. Inside a dimly-lit izakaya, or small bar, chefs expertly slice, grill and prepare everything from fresh fish for sashimi to skewers of juicy grilled chicken. Just a few metres away a customer pulls out a cigarette and lights up.   Key points: … Read more

Exclusive footage of Fukushima’s radioactive ‘ghost towns’—everything seems frozen in time

A daredevil urban explorer shares haunting images of the four Japanese towns that have been abandoned since the nuclear meltdown seven years ago. He sneaked into the highly irradiated region to get the inside view of the “exclusion zone.” Wearing a gas mask but no other protective clothing, explorer and photographer Keow Wee Loong visited … Read more

Japan Is Not Happy With Russia’s Economic Actions On Disputed Islands

The invasion of Russia in Ukraine hasn’t died down yet, and there is already another round of tensions are sparking between Moscow and Tokyo. Conflict over the Kuril Islands off Hokkaido’s coast is one of the oldest territorial disputes globally parallels the Ukraine Crisis. Previously, Tokyo and Moscow discussed joint economic activities in the disputed … Read more

Russia Introduces Sanctions Against Japan For Having “Hostile Intentions” Towards Them

In the wake of its incursion into Ukraine, the Russian administration on March 7 declared Japan as one of 48 nations and regions “engaging in hostile activities towards Russia,” according to Russian state information agency Tass. The move taken by Moscow as a reaction to sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine is expected to allow … Read more

Japanese Encephalitis Becomes National Significance As NSW Reports Its First Human Case

New South Wales has registered the first human infection case of the infamous Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV). The individual is a resident in the border region of NSW-Victoria and is in a stable state in intensive treatment. Many more people living in NSW are being tested, and further instances of this virus that is transmitted … Read more

Memorial Ceremony Held For Sri Lankan Women Who Died A Year Ago In Detention Center

A memorial ceremony was conducted on Sunday to mark the first death anniversary of death for the Sri Lankan woman who died while being held in the central immigration center in Japan in the year 2021 amid calls across the country to review Japan’s detention process deportees. More than 50 people traveled through the harsh … Read more

Carroll Shelby Tuned Toyota 2000GT Fetched 2.5 Million Dollars At Auction

When it comes to the most significant historical Japanese automobiles among Japanese cars, the 2000GT is at the top of the list. In the category of 2000GTs and Carroll Shelby’s former SCCA race car is among the most important historically. The tuned Carroll Shelby Toyota 2000GT has recently sold for $2,535,000 and is the first … Read more

Japanese Man Stole 170 Bottles Of Expensive Whiskey And Replaced It With Water

On February 28, an employee was arrested for robbing what was reported to be 170 bottles of high-quality luxury whiskey. The stolen liquor was worth approximately 7.7 million yen ($66.706). The culprit has been identified as Akito Kodama of Fukuoka, who’s professionally involved in the home renovation business. He allegedly stole alcohol from the victim’s … Read more

Japanese Store Chain Don Quijote To Support 100 Ukrainian Families

Pan Pacific International Japan, which owns a significant discount chain, announced on Thursday that it would provide financial support as well as job opportunities to 100 refugees from Ukraine. Formerly known as Don Quijote Holdings, the company said it was still working out details like where families would be accommodated. It also stated that it … Read more

700-Year-Old Lost Japanese Katana Was Found In Australia

Etchu Norishige was Japan’s most famous swordsmith in the 14th Century. Norishige’s Forge was located in Nei, Toyama Prefecture. From there, he supplied the finest quality katana to the warriors of Japan’s Kamakura period.Norishige’s most impressive weapons were made with great skill, and they lasted for centuries. Shimazu Norioki was the 27th samurai Lord of … Read more

Students Can Finally Rejoice As PM Kishida Announces Possible Entry In March

On Thursday, PM Fumio Kishida announced that Japan would allow the entry of foreign nationals in the country for other reasons than tourism, for example, business and  international students beginning in March as part of the plan to end the 6th wave. “We are gradually walking toward the exit of the sixth wave,” Kishida declared … Read more

Yuzuru Hanyu’s Quad Axel Dream Left Hanging Because Of A Hole In Ice During Beijing Olympics

Fans were shocked when Japanese Ice Prince, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, missed his first jump in the Olympic routine – the quadruple Salchow. Hanyu, the men’s figure skating champion and defending champion, began his Beijing performance by participating in Tuesday’s short men’s figure skating session. He missed the Quadruple Salchow at the start of his … Read more