16 Hilarious and Strange Japanese Inventions : Chindogu

Chindogu Bizarre Inventions 

The first rule of Chindogu is, Chindogu inventions are essentially useless. The Japanese art of creating bizarre and funny tools for everyday life aims to solve basic problems in ways that are as impractical as possible. To qualify as Chindogu, these inventions can never be patented or sold, but they must exist in physical form, and, as rule #2 states, the creator must be able to hold them in his or her hand and think “I can actually imagine someone using this. Almost.”

1.Train Nap Cap

No need to worry about slumping over and drooling on a stranger if you fall asleep on the train or subway. The Train Nap Cap uses a suction cup attached to a hat to hold your head upright.

2.Sweep Shoes

Need to clean up a small mess? Slip on a special pair of ‘sweep shoes‘, with broom and dust pan attached. The logical next step (if logic can be applied to Chindogu) would be to take the dustpan shoe off the dump its contents, but it’s more fun to imagine the wearer contorting in ballet-like movements to empty it into the trash.
3.Butter Stick

To smear butter on a piece of toast, you could simply peel back the wrapper a little bit, and voila. You’ve got a butter stick. Or, you could put it in a totally unnecessary plastic tube that pushes the butter up like lip balm.

4.Toilet Roll Hat

Toilet paper napkins

Isn’t it annoying when you’ve got a drippy nose, and you have to constantly wipe it? The Toilet Roll Hat takes care of that problem, keeping wipes right where you need them. For those times when you’re so sick, you don’t care that you’ve got a roll of toilet paper on your head.

5.Baby Mop

What do babies do, anyway? They just lay around and get bodily fluids all over every surface in the house. Make them earn their keep with the Baby Mop. Maybe they’ll at least clean up their own messes while they’re crawling around looking for things to destroy.
6.Tie umbrella 

It’s a tie. It’s an umbrella. It’s going to put a bit of strain on your neck, but the security of knowing you’ll never mess up your hair in the rain will make it all worthwhile.

6.Ear Plug Earrings

Wearing these earrings might just serve as a warning to those around you that if they start to bore you with their irritating stories or demands that you file those TPS reports right away, you can block them out within seconds.

7.Splash Mask

Don’t you hate it when you’re consuming ramen with the fervor of a starving, rabid beast and hot broth splashes up into your hair? And then you walk around smelling like ramen. Well, the Splash Mask will take care of that problem.
8.Extendo Spoon

Here’s an invention that’s truly almost useful – can’t you imagine needing something like this when camping, for example? The spoon extends so you can reach the bottom of a tall jar.

9.Napkin Pants

Since you’re too lazy to use a real napkin anyway, you might as well spare your pants the grease marks and get yourself a pair of classy Napkin Pants.
10.Easy Eye Drops Glasses

If your aim is lacking badly enough that you can’t handle administering eye drops to yourself, these funnel glasses will make the process idiot-proof.

11.Extra Nail

You can almost hear an infomercial excitedly telling you that you’ll never break another nail. Need to peel an orange? Open a letter? Pierce someone’s jugular? Why carry around ice picks or letter openers when you can wear a Halloween prop?
12.Chopsticks Fan

The Chopsticks Fan: because sometimes, you really just can’t wait for your food to cool down to a temperature that won’t burn the skin off the roof of your mouth.

13.Booger Keeper

Perhaps this is the alternative to the Toilet Roll Hat: plugs for your nostrils.
14.Raincoat umbrella 

Its can walk in rain with showing ur dress up easily .

15.Mobile stand pot

Eat and  Enjoy your movie together .
16. Shoes umbrella 

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