Giant Godzilla Statue Just Near Tokyo.

Kurihama Flower Park is host to a wonderful variety of blooms each season, such as its glorious poppy fields in spring, and abundant hydrangea bushes in Summer. But it is not JUST a beautiful flower park, it is also home to one of the world’s largest Godzilla statues!

The statue is actually part of a huge children’s adventure park, and has a slide going down its tail. At first it felt a little bizarre and out of place to me in this beautiful park, but I think that’s what gives it so much charm. It turns out that the beach nearby is the beach that Godzilla emerged from in the original 1954 film, so it is not as random as it seems.
There are many different sections within the park that are all dedicated to different types of gardens and activities, including poppy fields, herb gardens, greenhouses, and an archery range and golf course that you can use for just 200-500 yen .

Personally it took me and my friend a few hours to walk from one end of the park to the other, but we did stop a lot to take pictures.

Also if you get tired, there is a mini train car that can take you around the park for just 200yen!

Near the entrance of the park there is also a small snacks stand that serves soft ice cream in vanilla and lavender flavour! Perfect for a hot day.

If it’s a little colder, they serve curry udon – a thick type of Japanese noodle.

They also serve alcohol if you’re really feeling in the mood.

The park has a list of flowers and their season on their site, so you can time your visit to match the flowers you want to see! Don’t worry, there are flowers blooming almost all year round.

Kurihama Flower Park is just over an hour out of Tokyo, and perfect for a day trip. There are convenience stores near the station so you can grab yourself a couple of rice balls and snack on them while you are in the park. The park itself is free entry, but bring a little extra money for snacks and maybe a round of archery. And don’t forget your camera to catch a snap of Godzilla himself before he goes to wreak havoc on Tokyo!

Access: The park is approx 1 hour from Shinagawa station, and just a 15 minute walk from Kurihama station on the Keikyu line.

Address: 239 0832, 1-12 Shinmeicho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 239-0832


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