Kimono-Inspired Underwear Is The Perfect Addition To Your Spring Closet

Japan is never lacking in creative, unique lingerie — from cats to Evangelion, there’s always inspiration for designers out there looking to change things up.

But oftentimes we forget to go back to our roots, which is exactly what Japanese lingerie site FUNTY decided to do earlier this year with their kimono-inspired underwear.


Although the line of undergarments has since become sold out, FUNTY has recently released its newest line of kimono-inspired underwear for the VENUS-KIMONO series. After celebrating huge success with their previous lineup of tastefully designed underwear, they are back with more to greet the upcoming spring season.

Each piece is made of 100% silk, in elegant designs including spring prints of sakura flowers. They are currently available in SAKURA BLUE, SAKURA GREEN, SPRING GARDEN, and SAKURA PREMIUM. The underwear are sold for 7,800 yen (68.63 USD) each, except for SAKURA PREMIUM which can be bought for 8,800 yen (77.43 USD).




SAKURA PREMIUM is made with Tango Chirimen, a form of textile made of flat-woven silk, dyed using the traditional Japanese technique Kyo Yuzen.


Besides the kimono-inspired series, FUNTY has other series on their site, all made of natural materials in gorgeous designs. Visit their website and get them before they’re all sold out again!


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