A Third Of University Students In Japan Use ChatGPT

Around 32 per cent of the university students surveyed in Japan claimed to have utilized artificial intelligent chatbots ChatGPT, and many of them said ChatGPT improves their thinking skills in a recent study conducted by a Japanese research organization.

ChatGPT was most commonly used by students from the Department of science technology, Environment and Agriculture, with 45.5 percent overall with 44.8 percent males, compared to women at 27.1 percent, as the online survey found.

It was carried out between May 24 and June 2. The study was completed by more than 4,000 university students across Japan. The survey was conducted amid growing fears that using ChatGPT can harm students’ ability to think critically and their creativity.

ChatGPT is used by 33.0 per cent of all students within the humanities departments, social sciences, and education. The number decreases to 21.2 percent of students in the Department of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacology.

A total of 14 per cent of respondents used ChatGPT to create reports and other assignments, and 91.8 per cent of them checked to be sure the report was, in fact, correct or made additional modifications, according to the survey.

When asked if the use of ChatGPT had either positive or detrimental in their cognitive abilities, The results showed that a majority of 70.7 percent indicated they felt it was positive or slight thus, whereas 15.4 per cent claimed it was negative or slight too.

They are allowed to voice their opinion about ChatGPT through a comment section. A few people suggested that it was a mistake to use AI software should be halted in coursework to guarantee an impartial evaluation, while some were opposed to a general ban.

Fujio Omori, a professor at Tohoku University specializing in education policies and part of the research team, stated that the study showed that students generally confirmed the info ChatGPT offered and continued to consider their ideas.

However, given the possibility of students being able to duplicate and copy text created through Ai in their classes, Omori said that institutions might want to reconsider only evaluating students based on the work they do outside of class “while exploring ways to use AI effectively.”

ChatGPT is a machine-learning AI tool created by U.S. tech firm OpenAI. It is trained with huge quantities of data gathered and obtained from the internet. It allows it to simulate and process real-time conversations between customers. The tool provides answers based on the user’s instructions and queries.


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