Japanese Company Creates Creative Solution For Doors To Withstand Strong Tremors

Imagine this; you’re enjoying your weekend off, lounging on the couch and watching TV, and an earthquake strikes. If you are unfortunate and the quake is large enough, then there’s a high chance that the strong tremors can dismantle your door frames and trap you inside. Worst case scenario, you’ll be stuck inside your room after such a deadly earthquake.

Even if you manage to open the door and rush outside, an earthquake will wrap up your doors and create security implications.

It’s a huge issue and one to which Shin Nihon Entrance in Tokyo has created a sophisticated solution. Tasukaru Door (“Lifesaver Door”) is basically the door inside an entrance.

To put it more simply, it’s a Taishin door (seismic door) with features that reduce the chance of it being stuck in the event of deformation. If you take a close look at the images and videos, the inside of the door will have more significant space between the edges and the frame. This implies that if the door bends, the structure will not be able to make contact with the door’s edge and stop its movement. The extra space between the door’s inner and the frame is protected by a lip that runs all sides of the exterior and the inner sides.

It isn’t easy to comprehend, So here’s an approximate diagram. (Soranews24)

Additionally, what’s the use of having an escape exit in the first place if you’re not able to use it every time? That’s why Tasukaru Door comes with the added benefit of the opening using a screen to let fresh air into the room and help us from destruction from earthquakes and the hot summer sun.

Seismic door japanese company

It’s a solid concept everywhere, and that’s why Shin Nihon Entrance has been getting requests for Tasukaru Doors to be put in within 290 condominiums within Saitama Prefecture alone since it was announced at the beginning of February 2021. Also, anyone who lives in condos and apartments must be on the lookout for these double-door designs as they could become commonplace before long and could save lives along the way.


Source: Soranews24

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