IKEA Japan Offers Fully Furnished Apartments For 99-Yen A Month!

Swedish homewares retailer Ikea might be most well-known for its affordable furniture, but it appears they’re exploring other markets such as real property. In an Instagram post, Ikea announced that they’d constructed a new home that is available for rent. Naturally, the house is equipped with Ikea furniture, and the rent per month is only 99 yen (US$0.86).

For the sake of putting it in perspective to put it in perspective, renting an apartment through Ikea is less expensive than buying two liters of water!

If we’re hoping for a lavish large pad, be prepared to be disappointed as the unit is 10 square meters (107 sq ft) broad. However, having two floors, the apartment is twice the size of the tiny homes that were released from Japanese brand Muji back in 2017.

Two levels of the house are linked through a stepladder. The first level is home to the entryway, kitchen (with space to store a washing machine), and a toilet and bathroom, while the loft on the top floor is the sleeping/living space.

These apartment are called “Tiny Homes,” where Ikea promotes the notion that it can make it a pleasant place to live, even in a tiny space.

The campaign is led by Ikea’s “Tiny Homes” spokesperson Blahaj who, in addition to his new role as a real estate agent, he is also a loved stuffed shark available at Ikea stores across the world. He’s been featured in promotional videos of Tiny Homes campaign, which explains the design process underlies this Ikea apartment.

However, the minor problem is that individuals can rent the apartment for a specific period until January 15 of 2023. So it will have to be a plan that is short-term for potential tenants. The property is accessible for rent in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area; however, the exact location is unknown.

Japan is not unfamiliar with tiny living spaces that are narrow and small. However, some of the commenters were shocked by what size of Ikea’s offerings.

Anyone who wants to experience Ikea’s tiny home can apply on Ikea’s website, and you’ll need to join the Ikea Family member to be eligible to apply. However, make sure you use it as soon as possible since the deadline is on December 3!


Source: Ikea Japan

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