IKEA Doll Beds Can Be A Perfect Bed For Your Cat Too!

Cats always seem to love invading the bed you sleep on and claim it as their property. Seeing how comfortable the beds are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

However, what if you could give your feline friend its own bed? Yep, you definitely can, and it isn’t that expensive at all!

It’s true the first time an IKEA $20 Dugtik, also known as a toy bed, was launched to be used by dolls for children. Some smart Japanese cat owners purchased the beds for their cats as their home. It was the most cutest thing seeing such fur-balls sleeping in tiny beds. They’re adorable when they cuddle up for the time to nap on a small bed.

IKEA is the largest Swedish-based megastore that sells kitchen appliances, furniture in addition to home d├ęcor, and everything else connected to it. Many people are fascinated by their stunning designs and the practical uses they provide.

A doll’s bed isn’t an unwise idea; however, it should prove more efficient when they introduce the bed to the pet market. You might think who else would fit in these tiny beds.. guess what? Bunnies and small pups fit them perfectly and look adorable.

Cat resting on bed


They look so adorable when they’re on the small bed

Cats Bed

White cat sleeping


Would you get one for your cats too?

Dog and Cat bed

Cat bed


You can also use these for bunnies and small dogs!

Bed for Bunnies


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