Japanese Cat Motimaru Becomes YouTube’s Most Viewed Cat

2019 wasn’t the best of the years for us. Australia’s Black Summer, extradition bill on Hongkong that led to massive protests, the UK leaving the European Union are only a few examples.

However, 2019 was also the year when a future YouTube star was born.

Moti-sama flaunting his Award

He’s a Scottish Fold called Motimaru (pronounced as Mochi-maru). His YouTube career started at the age of 50days, and he has been dazzling YouTube audiences with his unmatched innocence.

Now soon celebrating his 2nd birthday, Motimaru racks up a million views every couple of days. His most popular video by far is from 4 months ago, mounting at 8.9M views.

The curious cat now has amassed 705,067,062 views on the main channel. This has led him to be the most viewed Catto on YouTube! He even got a Guinness World Record for this achievement.

Now his eyes are set for the title of “YouTube’s most viewed animal,” which is currently by Myamo the beagle at around 4,636,962,270 views. There is still a long road ahead for “Moti-sama” to reach that milestone.

But that milestone is definitely achievable by looking at how Motimaru is still young and how his channel is progressing.

YouTube is not the only place where Moti-sama rules. He has a decent following on Twitter (@catmotimaru), i.e., 318.3k followers. He’s gotten so big recently that he has already signed with the management firm of Free Co. Ltd, which handles the business side of moti-sama’s fame.

Watch Motimaru’s First Video!

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