Japan Is Home To The Weirdest Stock Photos In The World

It doesn’t matter how weird, unusual or downright bizarre something might be – you’ll be able to find it in Japan.

Here’s a recent example for you, Sukima Nurse is Japanese a website that contains nothing more than photographs of a day in the life of a young and ever helpful nurse.

But instead of the standard poses you’d expect in a stock photo library, these images feature the nurse holding all manner of strange objects and posing in the most unlikeliest of situations.

By the way, when we say “strange” we mean entirely off the wall.A stack of seemingly useless stock photos, uploaded and shared with the world for no particular reason than for the sheer hell of it.

Yes they’re totally nonsensical (why does anyone need to balance fish on their wrists or order pizza in a storm drain?) but they’re everything that makes Japanese culture such a fascinating and often confusing place to explore.

Japan Is Home To The Weirdest Stock Photos In The World

Blowing through a conch shell

Walking through hospital with a baseball bat and glove

Wearing too many wristwatches

Balancing fish on her wrists

Munching on a paddleboard with a patient

A heat map of the nurse (just in case you were wondering)

Holding scissors in her mouth

Eating ham in a public passageway

Attempting to defuse a time bomb with a patient

Holding a sword in a canal

Crouching apprehensively in a circle of water bottles

Holding money

Dreaming of short ribs

Dreaming of dreaming of dreaming of short ribs


Holding a pizza in a storm drain


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