Japan Lifts Its Travel Ban On Solo Tourists

Last week, Japan loosened entry restrictions for foreign tourists by increasing the daily entry cap from 20,000 to 50,000. It was the latest step in a series of small steps towards reopening the country to foreign travelers. But now a more significant measure is on the horizon, with news that Japan will finally lift the ban on entry for individual tourists in October.

The government has decided to considerably loosen entry restrictions as a result of the decline in coronavirus cases in Japan, it was disclosed yesterday. On 24 August, coronavirus cases peaked at a record 243,382 before falling to 100,229 on 14 September.

Government sources claim that the daily entry limit of 50,000 people will be removed. Short-term tourists from the United States and other particular nations will be able to enter Japan visa-free. Due to the removal of visa requirements for short-term visitors from 68 countries and regions, border controls will return to their pre-pandemic state.

According to local news sources, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida might make the official announcement. Within the government, there is a rumor that the prime minister will make the announcement when he speaks at the New York Stock Exchange during his visit to the United States the following week.

Photographer: Toru Hanai/Bloomberg

As of right now, Japan is the only G7 nation to have entry-level immigration restrictions. The administration is hoping that by reopening the country to foreign tourists, more money would be spent, which will help the yen recover from a 24-year low against the dollar.

According to reports, the revocation of the entry prohibition will take place in October at the same time as a “National Travel Assistance” campaign to promote domestic travel among Japanese citizens. To further stimulate the economy, they are provided with discounts and subsidies.

A restricted-time rail pass that permits unlimited rides on a variety of trains, including the Shinkansen bullet train, over three days will also be available to travelers between 14 October and 27 October.


In Japan, autumn is renowned as the best season for travel since it is neither too hot nor too cold. Seasonal food is abundant, so that enhances the dining experience at restaurants. This autumn, international travelers will finally be able to return to Japan to enjoy all that the season has to offer once more.

Source: Soranews24

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