Japan Might Require Four Times The Current Foreign Workers By 2040

If you’re searching for job opportunities outside of your country, you may want to decide to look at Japan.

Recently an organization in Tokyo announced three days ago that Japan will require four times the number of foreign workers in 2040. This is necessary if the country is to continue its economic growth.

foreign workers employment Japan 2040

We are all aware that Japan is currently experiencing a decline in birthrate, leading to a decrease in its population from the year 2009.

With the declining population comes a shortage of labour, which is why Japan requires immigrants, even though their government has always been cautious about relaxing Japan’s immigration laws.

foreign workers employment Japan 2040

The announcement for the organization, which includes the research branch of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, contained the following information:

  • Japan must have 6.74 million foreigners by 2040 to keep its annual average growth in its economy at 1.24 per cent.
  • The current count of workers from abroad is 1.72 million.
  • The projection is that Japan will be losing more than 10 per cent of its workforce over the next 20 years.


In November 2021, Japan’s justice minister declared that they would allow professionals from abroad to stay in Japan for an indefinite period beginning in 2022. This means there is a greater chance for an opportunity to succeed in Japan.

Today, most of Japan’s foreigners come primarily from Vietnam and China. However, as these shifts in the way they conduct business, it’s likely that the number of foreign workers from countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, and Myanmar will also rise over the next few years decades.


Source: Sugbo.ph

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