Japanese deliveryman continues working despite losing a finger

In Japan, where the term “karoshi” or death by overwork, was coined, some workers will go to great lengths to complete their tasks. Recently, a deliveryman in Kyoto continued with his job despite losing the tip of his finger on the way.

The police found his severed fingertip on a street in Maizuru City, but the man, who was in his 60s, did not seek medical attention, and there will be no further investigation. The severed part was discovered by a primary school pupil who reported it to the police station.

The man caught his finger in the sliding door of his car, severing it, but he chose to continue with his delivery run. A clinical psychologist believes that overwork could have played a role in the man’s decision to continue working.

The workload of a delivery worker in Japan can be demanding, with up to 120 deliveries a day, and it doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Asian Labour Review.

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