Japanese Food Art Took An AWESOME Twist… Just Don’t Try To Eat It.

You can make just about anything out of Lego. Whether it’s putting together a massive cityscape or an intricate robotic structure – if you have the pieces, it can be built. Tary, a Japanese Lego builder recently took to the culinary world to make delicious food like pizza, banana, and broccoli, entirely out of the popular plastic pieces.

These creations do not come from a box set or manual. It is all cooked up from Tary’s imagination. His shrimp tempura on a bowl of rice earned him first place at a contest in Tokyo. This is one of those times when it is totally ok to play with your food.

Melting ice cream.

A delicious bento meal.

The tempura bowl with chopsticks included.

Fruits are important part of our diets.

Source: This Is Colossal

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