Japanese Grandparents Create Life-Sized Totoro Bus Stop For Their Grandchildren

Studio Ghibli lovers are flocking to a subject in Takaharu, Miyazaki, Japan to have their picture taken beside a life-sized reproduction Totoro bus stop.

Created by a 70-year-antique couple for his or her grandchildren, the adorable statue of the iconic individual from the film “My Neighbor Totoro” was crafted from scratch using a conventional plastering techniques.

The base of the statue became made with wood frames and then full of cement at the bottom to keep it standing upright even in strong winds. The grandpa then introduced multiple layers of concrete.

According to Bored Panda, the “Totoro statue” has now grow to be the hottest traveler attraction inside the area.

The duplicate, which became was reportedly made by way of the grandparents in just one day, is now part of the Totoro-subject bus stop.

“My Neighbor Totoro” has been ranked forty first in Empire magazine’s “The a hundred Best Films Of World Cinema.”

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