Japanese High School Swim Team Performs Hilarious Routine To ‘Frozen’ Tune


With the summer heat in full swing, many of us probably find ourselves daydreaming about taking a dip in a pool. Unfortunately, we aren’t kids anymore and responsibilities tend to get in the way of splashing around with our friends.

That’s why it helps to at least live vicariously through those who are lucky enough to dive into the waters, like the adorable group of corgis who made the most of their pool day together.

While they might not be quite as cute as those balls of fluff, the gentlemen in the video below definitely add plenty of entertainment value with their trip to their high school’s gym.

The Japanese students remind me of the six hilarious guys who synchronized a routine on dry land, but they went all the way by bringing their silly moves to the water.

Though most teen boys would probably shy away from anything princess-related, this group definitely doesn’t have any shame in celebrating the ice queen known as Elsa from Disney’s popular film, Frozen.

As they flop around in the pool, a translated version of the movie’s anthem, “Let It Go,” blasts over the speakers. That was already enough to put a smile on my face, but when they reach the crescendo of the chorus at about a minute in, another teammate joins the crew donning his towel like a cape.

From there, he humorously “directs” the routine before hopping in the pool, too.

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