Japanese Horror Cosplay That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Japanese horror manga artist Junji Ito has legions of fans around the world. Many of which were draw to his series ‘Tomie’ which chronicles an immortal girl who drives her stricken admirers to madness.

But one of his most dedicated fans without question is cosplayer Ikura, a young Japanese girl who spends hours re-creating her favourite scenes and characters drawn by him.

For his part Ito certainly approves having retweeted many of her cosplay creations for the world to see. But its not merely a simple case of pandering to fans, Ikura’s work is just as terrifying as the illustrations she’s copying – if not more so!

We’ve included a few examples of her finest cosplay work so far, but don’t blame us if you have to sleep with the light on after viewing them….


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