Japanese KFC Chicken Rice ‘Hack’ Takes Twitter By Storm

A simple rice recipe featuring KFC Original Recipe chicken has apparently sent local Twitter users abuzz in Japan.

As we’ve covered before, KFC became a yuletide tradition for many Japanese mostly due to a brilliant promotional campaign during the 1974 holidays season. Japan’s special affinity with KFC remains evident today with the American fast-food chain raking in millions of dollars in revenue with its special “KFC Christmas dinners” each year.

Those who fail to order special KFC Christmas dinners in advance are at the risk of having to settle for your run of the mill KFC chicken with rice. Fortunately, one creative Twitter user has come up with a DIY solution that offers a fascinating twist to one’s regular chicken with rice meal at KFC.

Now known on social media as the “KFC Japanese Rice,” the fascinating dish involves cooking rice in a rice cooker along with soy sauce, chicken stock and the main ingredient: a pair of KFC Original Recipe chicken.

After cooking the rice, the chicken inside it will be extra moist. Before mixing everything, the viral posts suggest tearing the fried chicken apart and then start mixing everything. The easily-prepared dish just needs a bit of seasoning (salt and pepper!) to taste before it’s served warm.

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