Japanese Love Liver and Engineer Creates Astonishingly Accurate Rina-chan Board

Hama-san (@ybybybmh) is an avid Love Liver with engineering skills, who’s searching forward to the anime adaptation of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club which was introduced on the cease of ultimate year.

In particular, he seems to be partial to Rina Tennoji, a shy female who isn’t always suitable at expressiveness but skilled at drawing and DIY tech projects. Normally, Rina hides her face with sketchbook which she attracts her feelings on. On stage, however, whilst she needs to apply each arms to perform, she wears the “Auto Emotion Convert Rina-chan Board.”
“I made a Rina-chan board and showed how I did it on YouTube. Please take a look!!! There’s a surprise(?) too.”

Since there may be no official Auto Emotion Convert Rina-chan Board to be had for buy on the current time, Hama-san took it upon himself to make considered one of his own. In a YouTube video (see below) which has over 52,000 perspectives on the time of writing, he makes his objective clear:

I want to come to be Rina Tennoji!!!
No small feat. Let’s see how he proposes to do this…

Making a working Rina-chan Board
The video traces the development of the project, humorously skipping or fast-forwarding thru technical information so as not to diminish its leisure value.

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