Japanese Maker Uses Age-Old Craft For Elegant Earmuffs To Pair With Kimono

Tsumami zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft that dates back to the Edo Period used to create lovely hair adorns and sticks to pair with kimono. Square pieces of fabric are delicately and painstakingly pinched and folded in crafting adorns along with cranes, however also flowers consultant of the season called kanzashi.

Japanese maker Asobiya focuses on such hair embellishes, however infuses the conventional craft with modern fashion twists and practicality for a completely unique however terrifi aesthetic. One of their state-of-the-art and most famous releases are tsumami zaiku earmuffs, which pair flawlessly and casually with kimono.

Modeled here are earmuffs after tsubaki, or the Japanese Camellia. As a February release, they are an elegant and welcome warmth inside the bloodless whilst making the rounds in a kimono.

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