Japanese Men Strap On 16-Pound Vests To Finally Understand Struggles Of Pregnancy



Pregnant women put up with a lot of things that men and women who have never been pregnant can’t possibly understand.

To sympathize with pregnant women as well as working and stay-at-home moms, three Japanese governors have donned “pregnancy suits” to get a feel for what it is like to be pregnant.

While wearing a fake belly isn’t the same thing as being pregnant, it is a great sign of solidarity and support!

The fake baby belly weighs 16 pounds and is meant to replicate the belly of a woman who is about 7 months pregnant.

Yoshinori Yamaguchi is the governor of Saga Prefecture, Shunji Kono oversees Miyazaki Prefecture, and Tsugumasa Muraoka represents Yamaguchi Prefecture. All three of these men are taking part in the Kyushu Yamaguchi Work-Life Promotion Campaign.

In the campaign, the men can be seen partaking in normal, everyday tasks. They are grocery shopping, catching the bus, riding an elevator, walking up the stairs, and tying their shoes.

But because of the belly, these simple tasks aren’t nearly as easy as they were for these men before they put on the suit!

According to the Telegraph, “A study of men who have seen the video determined that 96.7 percent agreed that men should do more to help out around the home and with raising the children.”

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Source : youtube

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