Japanese Model Cosplays With Octopus While Only Half Dressed

It was just too weird for us to not tell you about:

Japanese model Namaba cosplays with alive octopus

A Japanese cosplayer, food blogger, and model who is known as Namada was so excited because she “likes tentacles” and wanted to capture photographs with an octopus in live-action.

To make her dream come true, She worked together with photographer Kazan Yamamoto, procured an 18-pound North Pacific giant octopus, and then spent a half-day taking photos like these:

“It was really difficult due to the fact that it was extremely heavy!” said Namada to a reporter from TokyoGirlsUpdate.com, which carried this intriguing story.

Due to the slimy nature of the octopus, Yamamoto declared it to be challenging to hold onto it and think about things like composition while taking photographs.

“The slime really dominated and even when we changed our cuts, I was unable to remove it in the shower. The ink spewed out too!” adds Namada.

Then… They cooked it. Then they did this:

Japanese model Namaba cosplays with alive octopus

“I found that when I was wearing it on my hair after it had been cooked looked adorable,” she said.

And this:

Japanese model Namaba cosplays with alive octopus

Yamamoto stated that it was difficult to take off the slime and boil it away; however, he noted that the result tasted “delicious.”

These and other photos were displayed for two days by the duo in Ikebukuro in Tokyo and included other photos Yamamoto made of Namada dressed as an octopus in Harajuku.


Source: Mothership.sg

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