Japanese Moms Worried About Sexual Depictions In Anime

A well-known Japanese site recently posted an article that has gone popular on social networks. They ran a poll asking moms of children who are anime fans what their thoughts are regarding the explicit content in anime shows.

A woman aged 36 from Gifu city stated in the poll was troubled about the sexuality in manga and anime that her son in elementary school was vividly enjoying.

Boys get too close or touch girls’ breasts; they frequently stare at their underwear. She even mentions a scene in Demon Slayer where a girl is too explicit about her breasts. She worries that if this continues, such explicit scenes would be usual in every anime in the near future. Is it okay for these shows to feature such scenes, and how would one’s parents explain their small kids.

Similarly, another mom of a son and a daughter stated that if she starts to watch any mainstream anime or commercial, she’s confronted with sexually highlighted content. Some to that degree that it makes her uncomfortable.

She was afraid that if her children asked her about this kind of content, what would she say? She’s concerned that mobile phones have become all over the place, and children could be exposed to inappropriate content without her knowledge.

Keiko Ota, a lawyer who often deals with media-related cases, explains that just the explicit content in the anime isn’t that harmful. However, if there are depictions of sexual violence for fun, then it would be a problem. He stated, “The problem is not “sexual expression” but “expression that makes sexual violence entertaining.”


Source: Chunichi

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