Japanese national football team · Nanno Forlan saying “Why do not you pass”?

There is every possibilities in all the smaller and micro smaller missions. Japan has recently done a lots of advancemebt in the era of sports , especially in football. “Sports other stories” exploring hidden stories of topic athletes. Today I will decide two goals in the game against Uruguay on the 16th and pick up episodes about Takumi Minamino, who celebrated the newly-ordered tower of Japan national football team.

Japanese national football team played against Uruguay representative of the FIFA ranked fifth in international friendly game on 16th. After winning the intense points, winning 4-3, Mr. Moriyoshi first decorated three consecutive victories from the first team. In the World Cup Russia tournament, Uruguay, which was eight strongs, was nearly the best member, and it won one victory to show steady evolution of Japan.

MF · Takumi Minamino (23 years old, Salzburg) made a big contribution to this victory. In the first half, Shoota Nakajima (Portimonense) got a pass and shot in the penalty area. The ball shook the net after hitting the foot of GK and it got the first goal! With this, Minamino has made three goals in a row for the second consecutive goal after representing the first goal for the national team. After the inauguration of the J-League, it is the third achievement since Shinji Okazaki in 2015.

After that, Uruguay was caught twice, but Yuya Osaku (Bremen) of “There is no hesitation” and Otoshi Osaku 20 years old · Goda Ritsu (Groningen) of the Tokyo Olympic generation got one after another and scored a goal 3 -2 and leading.

In the latter half 21 minutes I wanted additional points, Minoyano responded quickly to the spill of the shot that Joanne had released, and he took the fourth point was Minano. Uruguay who will be chasing after that, Japan that shattered by 4-3. The two goals of Minamino said big things. After the game,

“I am happy to be happy to be able to contribute to the victory of the team and I am confident for myself that I managed to finish 2 goals so I could have appealed to the director in the survival to the Asian Cup.”

Regarding the first goal,

“(Nakajima) When Shoya took the ball with the right foot over there, I was aiming, I was able to smoothly shoot from the turn as the image”

He emphasized the combination with Nakajima who fought together in the Rio 2016 Olympics. further,

“(I was feeling) as usual, I knew that the opponent was strong, so I will not be bothered by that.”

It was able to say.

The young trio of Minamino, Nakajima, and Dodo, who was a big success this time, is called “New Big 3” which plays the future of Japan national team on behalf of Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa, Shinji Okazaki “Big 3”.

In particular, Minamino became a threatening threat to the top Kagawa in a battle with four conspicuous strikes in three representative battles,

“I want to concentrate soon on the next choice, I do not want to talk much about the previous things, and I have no representatives unless I leave results.”

And humbly to the last. However, the loser is stronger than anyone else.

In 2014 when Minamino was enrolled in Cerezo Osaka, Mr. Forlan (former Uruguay representative) and his teammate shot at the World Cup South Africa Games. Sometimes I shoot himself without issuing a pass and it was sometimes stolen as “Why not pass?”, But he said that he did not scare himself and looked back on “noisy!”

“There is a big respect to the members who fought the World Cup, but, despite being a threatening member of that member,”

That is Minano. It is expected to further evolve the candidate for the new commander tower.