Japanese Pottery Master Shows Off The Finesse That Goes Into His Beautiful Crafts


It’s always fascinating to watch an artist at work, especially when their craft is something we ordinarily wouldn’t see in-process. You can practically see the gears in their minds shifting while they add all the tiny, perfect details to their design.

For example, artist Thijme Termaat’s panoramic painting is exhilarating to behold on its own as a finished product, but getting the chance to witness his method in an equally breathtaking time-lapse video makes it all the more enchanting.

For pottery artists like Eric Landon, there’s no need to speed things up to enjoy viewing their technique. Taking a lump of clay and transforming it right before our eyes in mere minutes is not only impressive, but seriously mesmerizing.

That’s why I loved stumbling across this Japanese master of the craft Kumagae Yasuo in the video below. Situated in a humble department store, the clip shows how the talented artist forms a large, shallow bowl on his wheel.

Watching as it spins in his hands and form to his whim is oddly relaxing, too. It’s like a visual massage, allowing your eyeballs to rest on something so captivating. By the time he’s finished, you might find yourself shocked by how little time has actually passed!

My favorite part is how he designs a beautiful pattern with the glaze using a simple straight-edge tool. One slip and he would have ruined the whole thing, but Yasuo’s deft hands never falter.

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