Japanese schoolgirl uniform lingerie now comes in see-through designs

This outfit breaks school regulation dress codes in more ways than one.

If there’s an outfit that quintessentially captures the essence of modern Japan, it would have to be the sailor-suit school uniform. Unlike the traditional kimono, which brings to mind all of the old customs from the Edo period (1603-1868), the blue-and-white sailor-style school uniform conjures up images of today’s “kawaii” youth culture and wide-eyed anime heroines like Sailor Moon.

As one of the go-to staples in the cosplay world, the uniform also lends itself to a bit of variation, with the style being used to create everything from bikinis to wearable blankets. Now it’s time for the lingerie market to take its style inspiration from the world of schoolgirl cosplay, with a four-piece set that includes a school skirt and blouse, only these ones are completely see-through.

The set covers up your privates with a white triangle bra and matching g-string, which are decorated with blue embroidery and sequins.

▼ From behind, there’s the distinctive blue-and-white sailor-suit collar.


The see-through top comes with a tiny school-tie, and for those who want to accessorise, there’s the option to add a pair of knee-high socks, fishnets, or suspenders to the look.

The See-through Sailor Lingerie also comes in a tunic style, with a blue bra-and-pants set and a white sailor-suit collar.

Both the tunic and the separates version are available at Village Vanguard for 3,456 yen (US$30.22). No word yet on whether Meg will oblige us by modelling these new outfits like she did for us with the ladies’ roomwear collection last year.

Source, images: Village Vanguard

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