Japanese Twitter user and son take advantage of rare Tokyo snowfall to craft cat crime scene

On March 29th (2020), not many people living in the Tokyo area left their homes. While many were simply exercising necessary caution in the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the day saw a heavy snowfall that encouraged many to stay indoors regardless. For Japanese Twitter user Sayaka (@sskt_my) and their son, however, the need to rush to their porch and make a snowman was too great. Thankfully they did, as their post to Twitter reveals the talented duo have some truly creative snow sculpture skills with what looks to be a cat crime scene crafted on their doorstep!

Sayaka says they rushed out to make the sculptures before the snow melted, and that the son made the impressive snow-cat. Replies on Twitter have many trying to imagine a story between the two icy statues, ranging from a loyal cat waiting by its departed owner, a drunk returning home to their favorite feline, or simply somebody sleeping next to their cat. The most common assumption, however, is a cat ready to work the beat after arriving at a crime scene–or worse yet, having committed the murder itself!

The fleeting nature of snowmen (and their snow cat companions) sadly means we only have so much time (in most of the Tokyo area much of the snow is long gone), but it’s always a great glimpse into what creative minds can do in a small amount of time.

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