Japan’s Cat Island Asked The Internet For Food, But They Didn’t Expect THIS.

Aoshima is an island in Japan that became famous for one reason: The amount of cats that live there. It’s incredibly remote, but over the years the island has managed to populate itself with more cats than humans. It might sound like an adorable prospect, but when there are this many cats in one place, the problem of feeding them becomes a huge issue.

After the island went viral a few times for all of its feline inhabitants, a cat caretaker that lives there decided to use their Internet fame to get some help: She took to Twitter to ask for food and supplies. What happened next? Well, let’s just say she couldn’t have planned it if she tried.

She decided to write the following note: “Please send cat food to Aoshima. We are steadily running out of food. Please understand our current situation. There are no stores to buy food here on Aoshima. There aren’t any vending machines either. The people here acquire their necessities by taking a boat to the mainland. However, it’s extremely windy in winter, and boat service is often suspended. “

And, well, the Internet heard her: Soon after she tweeted, over forty boxes of food showed up.

And clearly, someone alerted the masses.

Now, there’s so much food flooding into the island, the cat caretakers don’t know how to store it.


Something tells us that these hungry cats will help with that problem.

In fact, the island residents got so much food, they had to send another tweet to the masses: “Please stop sending supplies (cat food) to Aoshima. We got far more than we ever expected, and there’s no more storage room. We’ll be fine until April. Thank you all very much.”

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