KFC Japan Teaches Us How To Eat Kentuky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has been quite popular in Japan, especially during festive seasons like Christmas. KFC Japan has also periodically launched limited-edition or seasonal items to keep customers coming. And recently, KFC Japan decided to up their game with a printout to let people know the “right” way to enjoy their fried chicken!

Let’s begin with learning the five parts of the chicken that KFC serves:

  1. Breast
  2. Wing
  3. Hip
  4. Drumstick
  5. Rib

The printout then gives step-by-step instructions on how to enjoy each part:


1. Chicken Breast

The chicken breast is tender and relatively less oily. First, take out the two small bones on the left and right, which are slightly protruding out from the crispy coating. Second, divide the meat from the cartilage in the middle. The cartilage can be removed or eaten, based on one’s preference.

2. Chicken Wing

The wing is high in fat and collagen, making the taste richer. First, eat the breast meat off the top of the wing. Second, fold the wing inwards. Third, break into two pieces. Fourth, remove the two bones in the wing and dig in.


3. Chicken Hip

The hip has a chewier texture than other parts. First, hold on to the bone that protrudes out from the triangular-shaped meat. Second, twist and pull upwards to remove the thigh bone. The remaining meat can then be eaten as a whole.

4. Chicken Drumstick

The drumstick is not only high in iron, but also has a rich taste. As it is easier to hold and eat, this is a favourite among children! All you have to do to enjoy the drumstick is to hold it with both hands and rotate it as you eat. The joints and cartilage can also be eaten.

5. Chicken Ribs

The ribs have an extra depth to the taste, and can be enjoyed up to the meat around the bones! First, bite into the exterior of the meaty spine. Second, sucking on the ribs tastes good, too.

For those who need visual aids to this guide can check out the video playlist below. The order of the chicken parts are: Rib, drumstick, hip, breast, wing.

According to KFC Japan, this interesting guide on how to enjoy their fried chicken is in conjunction with their new promotions, “30% Off Pack” and “30% Off Barrel”. These promotions commemorate the birth month of KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders. As the promotions are mainly KFC’s original fried chicken, KFC Japan took the opportunity to introduce the way to enjoy them to the fullest.

But that is not to say that these methods are absolute – they are merely suggestions and customers are, of course, free to eat fried chicken however they like. But for those who have difficulty picking apart KFC’s fried chicken, please try the methods illustrated!