Japan Ranks First On Henley List For World’s Strongest Passport In 2023

Workers with aspirations to students all have suffered from travel restrictions due to the Covis-19 disease that claimed across the globe over the last two years. Now the epidemic is fading as the world gradually increases its travel options.

Henley Passport Index considered the most original and reliable ranking of all world’s passports, has published the long-awaited list of the top 10 strongest passports for 2023. The Asian trio of Japan, Singapore, and South Korea were the most prevalent on the list. This is a complete list of the countries that have taken the top spot thanks to their strong passports providing citizens with flexible traveling.

1 Japan (Asia)

Japan is once more claiming the top spot for having the most powerful passport in the world. Ranked as the best five times, including this year, due to the flexibility of its visa policy and allowing holders to enjoy visa-free entry and visa-on-arrival.

Japanese citizens can travel to up to 193 countries visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry points worldwide. If you want to switch on your Zen mode, now’s an ideal time to start! The vaccinated travelers do not have to take the pre-trip Covid test, whereas non-vaccinated travelers must take a pre-trip Covid test within the first 72 hours after the departure.

2. Singapore & South Korea (Asia)

Singapore holds the second position along with South Korea on the Henley Passport Index. Singapore lets passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to 192 countries around the globe.

i.e., Singapore passport holders could travel visa-free to all 192 nations around the world. From January 2023 onwards, South Korean passport holders can travel visa-free within the 146 nations and territories.

3. Germany & Spain (EU)

The first EU countries to appear on the list are Germany and Spain. They both tie for the 3rd place on the Top 10 most powerful passports. Individuals with passports from these countries can travel to 190 countries visa-free.

4. Italy, Luxembourg and Finland (EU)

Italy, Luxembourg, and Finland are ranked as the 4th countries with the strongest passports globally. These countries permit travelers with their passports visa-free in more than 189 nations.

5. Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands (EU)

Sweden, Austria, Denmark, and the Netherlands were ranked fifth in this ranking. Travelers from these nations are granted visa-free entry to 188 locations. Visa-free destinations include countries where it is possible to enter without a visa and also with a visa upon arrival or electronic travel authorization (eTA).

6. France, Portugal, Ireland, and UK

In the previous year, France stood in fifth position. However, despite the drop, France, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK allow citizens with passports to travel visa-free for more than 187 countries.

7. USA (North America), Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand (Oceania) and the Czech Republic

These countries lie in the 7th order of the most powerful passports. Passport holders from these countries are visa-free and have visa-on-arrival privileges to 186 places.

8. Australia (Oceania), Greece (Balkans), Canada (North America) and Malta (Europe)

Henley Passport Index reported that those with passports from the abovementioned countries could travel visa-free to more than 185 countries.

9. Hungary, Poland (US)

Hungary and Poland have landed 9th in Henley Passport Index’s Most Powerful Passports 2023 list. The two countries offer visa-free travel to 184 destinations for passport holders.

10. Lithuania and Slovakia

Lithuania and Slovakia took the final spot among the top ten nations which allow visa-free entry for the holders of their passports for up to 183 destinations.

Henley Passport Index is the most trusted passport index with historical records that go back 18 years. Based on the Index’s rating that is 6%, the majority of these countries have access to over 70% of the global economy. Furthermore, 17% of the countries provide visa-free access for more than 4/5 of 227 locations around the globe.

More About Henley Passport Index

Henley Passport Index started in 2006 under Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index (HVRI), which changed and rebranded in January 2018. It offers an annual rating for the 199 passports worldwide based on the number of nations their holders can travel to visa-free.

Together in collaboration with International Air Transport Association (IATA) and based on the official information of their database worldwide, Henley & Partners has analyzed visa rules for most nations and territories around the world since 2006. When assessing the scores for every country, the score calculates:

  • The validity of a passport.
  • If the passport is ‘normal’ rather than diplomatic, emergency, or temporary.
  • If the passport holder is an adult citizen of the issuing country, traveling alone rather than in a tourist group.
  • If the passport holder meets the basic requirements for entry (holding hotel reservations and proof of sufficient funds)
  • If the passport holder does not meet any complex requirements for entry (for example, possessing a government-issued letter).
  • If the passport holder is arriving at and departing from the same airport.
  • If a passport holder is searching for a shorter stay than a transit stay within the nation of origin or the territory.

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