McDonald’s in Japan is Selling an ‘Adult Cream Pie’

McDonald’s Japan is raising eyebrows on line after announcing a brand new dessert object called the Otona no Cream Pie or the “Adult Cream Pie”.

The Adult Cream Pie will be released as a limited-time dessert object and will are available in two one of a kind flavors: Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Fromage, according to SoraNews24.

The word “otona,” which translates to “adult,” is regularly used in the Japanese sweets enterprise to describe confectionery that is less candy than different brands. It inspires a feel of high pleasant and subtle flavor.

While the use of the word seems innocent, via adding the words “cream pie” into the menu, McDonald’s Japan grew to become the dessert into a web sensation.

Their advert featuring two ladies speaking approximately cream pie doesn’t help either.

The young female within the ad is played with the aid of Sairi Ito, while the other lady is played by “The Grudge” actress Yoko Maki. Both women are noted as “senpai” (senior) and “sensei” (teacher), respectively.

“That cream pie, is it virtually that delicious?” the younger girl asks her older companion.
“If you eat it once, you’ll be filled,” she replies.
The two girls bounce right into a cab and ask the motive force to carry them to the nearest McDonald’s in which they order the dessert.
While human beings in Japan won’t locate this new addition to the menu too lewd, some English speakers are having a blast with the present day announcement.