Minister of Cyber security in Japan admits He’s Never Used a Computer Before

People are awesome and somewhere leaders are more than awesome. Recently we came to know an amazing fact about the minister of cyber security in japan. Japan’s minister of cybersecurity, who oversees policies related to computers, admitted that he does not know how to use one, according to The Japan Times. Yoshitaka Sakurada, 68, revealed this during a Lower House Cabinet Committee meeting question and answer session on Thursday.

The minister was quoted by The Japan Times as saying, “I don’t use computers because since I was 25 I have been in a position of authority where secretaries and employees handle such tasks for me.”

His answer prompted laughter from the politicians in the meeting, according to The Independent. Masato Imai, an independent Lower House lawmaker who posed Sakurada the question, reportedly said, “It’s shocking to me that someone who hasn’t even touched computers is responsible for dealing with cybersecurity policies.”

When asked about preventing cyber attacks on the power grid, the minister said that USB was “basically never used” in the utility systems, implying he did not know what it was, and that he didn’t “know the exact details” about the security measures in place.

Despite this, Sakurada, who is also the minister in charge of the Tokyo Olympics, assured the House that cybersecurity is an important issue for the government and that he is confident in his competence as the minister.
Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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