Mysterious Japanese convenience store “ruins” could be a Studio Ghibli castle

Anyone who has spent time in Japan will tell you that outside of the multitude of services available at them, convenience stores live up to their name with their ubiquitous nature. In major cities, it can sometimes be difficult to walk a minute or two without passing by several convenience stores, so normally one wouldn’t bat an eye at one. Japanese Twitter user Sukkun (@Eyes__Hunter) may have found an exception, however, when they stumbled upon an old Yamazaki Shop they hadn’t passed by in ten years. As you can see, it’s turned into quite the eerie but charming spectacle!

While obviously long out of service, overrun by nature, and likely a spooky sight at night, several comments on the Tweet note that the ruins remind them of a structure that would appear in a Studio Ghibli film. The relic of convenience store past also has several generously priced vending machines in front of it, including a rundown ramen, soba, and udon corner. Although there’s even stranger vending machines next to those…

Another battered vending machine offers what appears to be a collection of toys and figures, but thanks to the decrepit aesthetic and somewhat jarring nature of the items inside, it appears as if its selling ominous Monkey’s Paw-esque trinkets.

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