New Japanese Rice Cooker Can Reduce Sugar By Up to 25%

A new rice cooker from Japan is reportedly able to reduce sugar content by up to 25%.

Released on Aug. 7, the aptly-named “Healthy Support Rice Cooker” advances the rice-cooking technology in Japan, where rice is a staple part of everyone’s diet.

Developed by manufacturer Iris Ohyama, the cooker features two “low sugar” rice modes: (1) a “10% cut mode” for people who want reduce sugar content while retaining flavor and (2) a “20% cut mode” for those who want to firmly reduce sugar content.

However, the 10% cut mode, in fact, is able to reduce sugar content by about 18.5%, while the 20% cut mode reduces up to 25%, according to JapanInsides.

Either way, a reduction in sugar means a cut in carbohydrates, so the device is already seen as promising aid for weight loss.

To put this in perspective, the company explained that eating three 150-gram (5.29-ounce) cups of rice a day for a year reduces about 273 tablespoons of sugar.

Additionally, the cooker offers a “healthy menu of nine types,” which means it can prepare up to nine different types of rice and rice-based dishes.

These include brown rice, barley rice, fiber-loaded superfood “mochi mugi” rice and Okowa, a dish of glutinous rice with meat and vegetables, according to Grape Japan.

The Healthy Support Rice Cooker is reportedly sold for 16,800 yen ($159.41) excluding tax.

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