No-one Recognizes Travis Scott During His Cringe Face Reveal In Japan

Travis Scott is viral again, and not for the right reasons, following a video of him not being recognized in Japan that was posted online.

The video posted on Twitter shows Scott presumably ‘expecting’ to be surrounded by fans for pictures.

The video has more than 13.3 million views as of writing, and most of the audience has a common opinion that Scott hugely embarrassed himself in public.

Travis Scott definitely won’t get ‘goosebumps every time’ after this incident.

The footage was shot when he traveled to Japan together with his group. Making a stop for a shot, Scott is standing on the busy pedestrian crossing in central Tokyo wearing a stylish hoodie that covers his face, hoping to capture a chic shot for his social media.

He then dropped his hood and paused for the awaited “fan moment,” but to his dismay, everyone on the sidewalk went about their business without giving him any attention.

The rapper tries to pretend that nothing happened and returns to his crew smiling, but it’s still somewhat awkward when he takes the final walk of shame.

The video blew up on Twitter after @kirawontmiss uploaded it on 2nd April.

The video has been watched over 13.1 million times and posted more than 6868 times.

Some of the reactions to the clip on social media were quite harsh; here are some of them:

A viewer added that many Japanese rappers wouldn’t be able to recognize Scott since he’s been struggling to get his way into the Top 50 in the Asian charts.

He further added that “the only Western artists who can appear and be recognized include Justin B, Ariana, Taylor, Rihanna, and a handful of others. It’s hard to understand why people would be able to recognize him when he doesn’t even have any chart entries. The secondhand embarrassment.”

There are exceptions; however, not everyone has been this harsh. Individuals say they won’t even look at a celebrity passing past because they need to remember people’s faces.

Many people said it was likely good for Scott to feel not like a celebrity, with paparazzi and fans always behind them in public, at least for a moment.

Scott is one of many who recently visited this Japan after a long pandemic border restriction. Kim Kardashian shared photos on Instagram from her Tokyo vacation with her four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

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