Nothing Says “Japanese Commercial” Like Turning Your Nose Into A Faucet  


You probably don’t need a reminder that Japanese television commercials can range from incredibly badass to bizarre and eccentric, so it’s always a testament to a company’s creative juices when one catches you by surprise. While Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical doesn’t necessarily go for either of those, they tend to make commercials for their products extremely easy to understand with clear demonstrations of how to use them. Sometimes that clarity can provide for some…let’s say, interesting imagery.

The spray in the commercial is called the Hananoa, and is actually advertised as a gargle/rinse/shower for your nose. The purpose is to combat symptoms of hay fever, as loads of pollen cause people in Japan to fret over it every Spring. While there appears to be a type that involves you spitting the rinse out, this “shower type” model works like most nasal sprays, although after rinsing out your nasal passage and clearing your sinuses, the liquid is then ejected from your nostril.

Many online are being taken aback by just how silly the actual demonstration looks, all while giving props to the commercial’s model for somehow pulling off a straight face and and letting herself be seen draining her nose like a faucet. The ad is even up as a poster on major Tokyo train lines.

Comical as it may be, we have no doubt the spray will be a necessity for some during Japan’s hay fever season. If anything, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s typical straight-fowardness in even such an absurd situation may have provided for their most effective advertising campaign.

Source:小林製薬 ハナノア / Livedoor News / @emuaarubeeque / @SetUpper_Surawo

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