Real-Life Samurai Chops Baseball Going 100MPH

October 14, 2015


Machii – Real-Life Samurai, chopped a baseball going 100 miles per hour.

Footage of the stunt, posted on YouTube, shows the speed gun clocked the pitch at 161kmh (100mph).

It then closes in on the remains of the ball, which appears to been sliced almost exactly in half.

This guy is not human. Every time sword savant Isao Machii comes up with a new stunt, it only adds to the ever-mounting evidence that he is a time-traveling samurai and/or an alien robot sent to destroy us all.

Machii has done nothing to dispel this myth, as recently he chopped a baseball going 100 miles per hour. It comes at about ~24 seconds into that video. It’s pretty easy to miss it, but Kotaku finagled a pretty sweet slow-mo GIF of the action:


There’s a whole rabbit hole of Machii madness to go down if you’d like to be in a state of awe for the next six hours. Here he is cutting an iron pipe:

This is the amazing moment a modern-day samurai slices a 100mph baseball in half with his sword.

Japanese swordsman Isao Machii was stood just 30 feet away from the pitching machine, giving him just milliseconds to react.

He takes a couple of pitches to line up his swing and then unsheathes his sword in the blink of an eye to cut clean through the third one.


Source : | DailyMail



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