Secret About The White Strawberry In Japan ?

“The flavor is something deep, something that doesn’t have a huge impact, but it does give you a slightly mysterious feeling and finally you understand it, and it is really, really tasty.”

That is how Yashuhito Teshima describes the unique, white strawberries he is cultivating in the south of Japan. Mysterious, indeed.

In Japan, some types of fruit are considered a luxury item. The fruit is delivered in ornate packaging and offered to friends and loved ones as gifts. They are so highly prized that some are sold for the price of gold.

That’s the case for strawberries in Japan, and especially white strawberries. While Japan is home to several varieties of berries, the “white jewel” is the rarest and most prized. Yasuhito Teshima is the only person growing them in the entire country.

The strawberries are such a delicacy, they are sometimes sold one-by-one in individual packaging for about 10 dollars a piece. Quite the expensive treat.

source-the great big story/konbini