New Japanese bunny lingerie is a hit with men and women around the country (Photos)

Crowdfunding campaign to mass produce the design includes photo shoots and album rewards people are going crazy for.

When it comes to creative lingerie ideas, Japan has been leading the way with unique designs inspired by chess sets, cats, and anime characters. Now it’s time for the rabbit to come out and play as a set of alluring underwear, and this one is proving to be so popular it’s set to smash its 1.5 million-yen (US$13,450) goal on crowdfunding site Campfire, with more than a month left on its campaign.

The lingerie is the brainchild of designer and cosplayer @senki3a, who says she wanted to recreate the “Bunny Girl” look often seen on television and in photos. Helping to transform her idea into a reality was creative apparel organization Mocolle, who took @senki3a’s initial illustration for the design and turned it into an actual garment.

Mocolle, which gets its name from mousou, the Japanese word for “fantasy” or “delusion,” and “collection”, has a proven track record with successful designs like Taisho-period schoolgirl costumes and miko swimsuits and roomwear. Their new collaboration is proving to be just as popular as their previous releases, with a crowdfunding campaign to commercialise the prototype already surpassing 1.2 million yen of its 1.5 million-yen target goal with 53 days still left in the project.

With popular cosplayer @moe_five modelling the garment for the campaign, it’s easy to see why it’s become a resounding success.While the lingerie set might look similar to a Playboy bunny outfit, there are actually a number of unique details that set it apart from other rabbit-esque designs on the market.

There are red bow details on the headband, pants and bra straps, along with red embellishments on the adorable necktie, which is the perfect size for drawing attention to your cleavage.

The pants also feature collar-and-button details, with a fluffy white rabbit tail on the backside.
The rabbit motif continues on the cuffs, which feature a pair of bunny ears.
The bra contains adorable white-frill details and a gold chain connecting the cups, for a naughty-but-nice bunny girl look.

This is a lingerie outfit that looks just as good from behind as it does in front.
The planned retail price for the set is 8,950 yen (US$80.25), but during the crowdfunding campaign it can be purchased at a discounted price of 7,600 yen.

Other rewards include an album of photos from the shoot for 3,240 yen and a photo session with the model dressed in the lingerie for 14,040 yen. Reward tiers are quickly selling out for the campaign, so if you’d like to take part, head over to their crowdfunding page for more details.

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