Stranger Things Season 4 Still Couldn’t Dethrone Spy x Family On Netflix Japan

Netflix has finally released the first part of the fourth installment of their hit series, Stranger Things. Stranger things came out first back in 2016. It tells the story of teenagers of which some have unusual powers, and they try to protect their town, which is haunted by unexplainable phenomena.

This series is a big deal for the rest of the world, but it hasn’t been able to dethrone Spy x Family in Japan. An anime adaptation of the manga of the same title follows the adventures of a charmingly dysfunctional family consisting of a spy(father), assassin(mother), and psychic(child). And only the psychic daughter knows about both their parent’s true self.
Stranger things japan
The anime’s first season has occupied the top spot in Japan on Netflix for five weeks. Stranger Things 4 also topped the charts in 83 out of 93 countries where the rankings were calculated. People couldn’t get enough of the brave ’80s children everywhere.

Japan’s entertainment trend usually doesn’t match with the global trend. It is one of few countries that prefer Facebook to Twitter. Similarly, the mega-blockbuster Star Wars wasn’t that big of a hit in Japan back in 2015, but Yo-Kai (an anime movie) was on top of the charts in Japan. The blockbuster Jurassic World was also released in 2015. It had previously held the opening weekend record for a while but lost it to Star Wars. But in Japan, as the following tweet reveals, the School Idol Movie topeed the Box Office that week.

Similarly, you must have heard how Avengers Endgame broke records worldwide and how big their earnings were. However, even the most powerful heroes on Earth failed to defeat the tiny Detective Conan from Japan.
stranger things movie couldn't take over spy x family

Still, we recommend you watch both of these shows. Spy x Family is a wholesome family anime with some action twists and is quite funny. In contrast, Stranger Things is full of action and has a decent story and some horror elements.


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