Japanese Yakuza Gets Arrested In US For Dealing Drugs And Weapons

The United States has arrested a leader of the Japanese Yakuza and three Thai men and accused them of facilitating the trafficking of methamphetamine, heroin, and other drugs and attempting to purchase US-made missiles to arm armed groups within Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Takeshi Ebisawa, Sompak Rukrasaranee (retired Thai military), Sompob Sangasiri, and Suksan Jullanan( … Read more

Why the yakuza are not illegal

THE Yamaguchi-Gumi, one of the world’s largest and most ferocious gangs, is estimated to earn over $6 billion a year from drugs, protection, loan-sharking, real-estate rackets, and even, it is said, Japan’s stock exchange. This year, the organization’s 100th, over 2,000 of its 23,400 members split away, leaving police nervous about what fallout might follow; … Read more