Biggest Yakuza Crimes Ever Committed in Japan

The Yakuza is a Japanese criminal group famous for its illegal actions. These are the most well-known crimes perpetrated by the Yakuza in the past.

Beginning in 1995, the Kobe Massacre, where its gang members and other local groups caused the deaths of six and injuries to 14 more in a wide daylight shooting match.

A lesser-known crime is the Kiyoshi Yamamoto kidnapping, which occurred in 1968. In that case, the gang took and executed his son, who was a well-known businessman, in exchange for ransom.

The Yakuza also indulge in drug-related activities, particularly with the increasing methamphetamine popularity in Japan. The police, in 2013, detained 34 Yakuza members for involvement in the trafficking of drugs in Tokyo.

This group has also been associated with various illicit actions related to gambling and exorbitant extortion. They are recognized for charging owners of nightclubs, bars and restaurants owners in exchange for security from other groups.

Another memorable crime was the Kobe car robbery in 2002. In this case, they stole up to 100 million yen(nearly one million dollars) in cash. Yakuza members are also accused of fraud concerning insurance and bank loans.

Pachinko and the Yakuza

The Yakuza also participates in illicit activities associated with Pachinko gambling. They manage several Pachinko establishments throughout Japan and utilize these places for laundering money earned through illicit operations.

One of the most shocking cases was the murder in 2010 of a police officer. In this instance, the officer took a bullet to the head from a gang member during an investigation to determine if they were involved in a certain crime. In the end, the perpetrator was sentenced to life in prison.

In addition, the gang is also infamous for its participation in illicit operations related to prostitution and human trafficking. They are the heads of many brothels in Japan and also make foreign women work as prostitutes.

Here are a few instances of the numerous infamous crimes committed by the Yakuza. While Japanese authorities have taken steps to fight the group’s illegal operations, they remain an active power within the Japanese criminal scene.


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