Man Who Mistakenly Received 46.3 Million Yen In COVID Subsidies Spent It All Gambling

On Tuesday, a close source to the ongoing case of the 360,000 USD mistakenly sent to a single person in COVID subsidies has revealed that the person in question has gambled all of the money on overseas gambling sites.

According to his lawyer, he is unlikely to return the money he received in error from the town of Abu Yamaguchi Prefecture.

japanese man spent all the COVID subsidies on gambling

The lawyer claimed that the man told him that he had transferred the money from his account to his smartphone during a Monday press conference. According to the lawyer, there are no other people involved in the matter except the person in question.

Last Thursday, the town sued the man for approximately 51 million yen to recover the entire amount and legal fees. The city claimed that the man refused to return the money, saying that it had been “moved out of my account and cannot be returned” and that he would atone.

japanese man spent all the COVID subsidies on gambling

The lawyer for the man refuted claims that the man disappeared after the lawsuit was filed against him. He claimed that police kept his phone after voluntary questioning in April/May.

The government announced the plan to send low-income families subsidies worth 100,000 yen a while back. Then after the necessary steps from the municipal finished, an employee sent an incorrect transfer request to the bank, according to which the payment went to the man on the first of the list.

On April 8, the bank sent the entire sum for 463 families to the man and now he’s spent all that sum gambling.



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