19-Year-Old Japanese Girl Turns Herself In For Cheating And Leaking University Exams

A 19-year-old female student from Osaka Prefecture has turned herself over to the authorities in west Japan and claimed that she was involved in cheating and leaked the unified entrance exam, investigation sources told reporters on Thursday.

Her admission was made after a photo of the question on world history was released through a video-calling app during the exam earlier in the month.

In her first year at university, the student who surrendered to Kagawa police officers from the prefectural area was reported as telling police that she gave in to the temptation of cheating, considering that her academics were not improving, sources claimed.

She took the test in an exam center located in Osaka Prefecture and enrolled in the University of Tokyo. According to sources, she said she only cheated in the world’s history but did not cheat in other subjects because of fear of being found out.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is sending its personnel to Kagawa for an investigation into the case in the event of fraud being involved in the obstruction of business.

Japanese girl cheats university exams
The incident was discovered after a University of Tokyo student realized that the picture he received was sent out during the examination in January. 15. He thought it necessary to inform the authorities, so he reported to the ministry of education.

The girl sent him the question paper through Skype, faking her to be only 17 in age and a high school student. She came in contact with the university student through a tutoring site. The student signed up on the site in December of last year.

The person sent in his answer but later discovered it was actually used during the test.

Japanese  girl cheats her university exams

The girl supposedly sent the question to at least four university students she came in contact with through the same tutoring site.

Even though the Exam takers aren’t allowed to take any electronic device inside the exam hall, the student in question at university snapped photos using her phone, which she kept inside the sleeve of her jacket, sources claimed.


Source: Mainichi.jp

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