Japanese Man Sneaks Back Into Highschool After 40 Years To Steal What Teacher Took From Him

Almost everyone had a moment in their class where someone brought something they weren’t allowed. And if they get caught, most of the teachers would seize the item. That situation played out one day at a junior high school in Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, with a male student that shall not be named.

Japanese man sneaks into school

He didn’t say what was taken from him, but he wanted it back. So, while the school was closed for winter break last week, He slipped into the school with his girlfriend, with the ultimate purpose of collecting his contraband. The two were able to access one of the school’s staff rooms, but it wasn’t long until a nearby employee overheard them chatting loudly and reported the invaders to the police. The pair was still in the school when authorities came and detained them for trespassing, oblivious to the approaching officers.

Bringing the cops in instead of phoning the couple’s parents and instructing them to come to pick up their unruly children may seem excessive, as may arresting them rather than suspending them from school. It might not sound strange if you found out that our protagonist is 63 years old, while his girlfriend is 58. Yes, they both went to the same middle school they broke into, but they graduated over 40 years ago.

Japanese Man sneaks into school

They both reside in Iwamizawa, a city to the east of Mikasa, and it appears that life hasn’t carried them far from their childhood homes. His rage at having whatever his instructor stole taken from him looks to be something he still holds near to his heart, based on the lengths he went to to get it back. It’s unclear whether he expected the trading card, dirty magazine, GameBoy, or whatever the item was to be still sitting in a storage closet after more than four decades. Still, he did say he was hoping to find his teacher’s contact information in the school’s files, perhaps to ask him to return it personally.

Still, given his age, it appears that the wisest course of action for him would have been to phone the school or come in as a fully grown adult and gently request his belongings be returned. As for why he didn’t, both him and his girlfriend were inebriated at the time of their arrest, so it appears that this was a case of two people reminiscing about their student days while getting both liquored and worked up, then deciding, “We should break into the school and get my stuff back!” which is something that only teenagers and drunk people would consider a good idea.


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