Do You Know The Age of Your Favourite One Piece Characters?

In the anime industry, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto are considered to be the top three, at least for their runtime and history. While the other two have ended, One Piece still has hundreds of episodes to go through, and since it’s been more than two decades since the first episode aired, people are curious about the cast’s ages. Here is the list of ages of One Piece Characters:

No. Characters Age (pre-time skip) Age (Post Time Skip) Birthdate
1. Monkey D. Luffy 17 19 5th May
2. Roronoa Zoro 19 21 11th November
3. Nami 18 20 3rd July
4. Usopp 17 19 1st April
5. Sanji 19 21 2nd March
6. Tony Tony Chopper 15 17 24th December
7. Nico Robin 28 30 6th February
8. Franky 34 36 9th March
9. Brook 88 90 3rd April
10. Jinbe 44 46 2nd April
11. Nefertari Vivi 16 18 2nd February
12. Gol D. Roger 53 Died before Time Skip 31st December
13. Shanks 37 39 9th March
14. Kaidou Not Yet Introduced 59 1st May1
15. Bartholomew Kuma 45 47 9th February
16. Portgas D. Ace 20 Died Before Time Skip 1st January
17. Sabo 10( In Flashbacks) 22 20th March
18. Koby 16 18 13th May
19. Monkey D. Dragon 53 55 5th October
20. Rob Lucci 28 30 2nd June

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy was first introduced at seven years old. The real adventure began when he reached 17 years old. Luffy was born on May 5, known as Children’s Day in Japan.

Children in Japan take a holiday from school to enjoy the Festival of Lights. Luffy is the anime One Piece’s primary protagonist and Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy is determined to be the Pirate King, and his nakama will do whatever it takes to bring that dream to fruition. After timeskip, luffy is aged 19.

2. Zoro

Zoro is just a couple of years older than Luffy and is also his right-hand man. Before the skip, Zoro was 19 years old. Zoro is among the most powerful fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro is among the most experienced individuals in the group and has a calm attitude in a battle. The name Pirate Hunter often refers to Zoro. He is known for his three swords style, with three swords during a battle.

3. Nami

Nami joined Straw Hat Pirates after Zoro. Her birth date is May 3, and she is now aged 20. She is the navigator, looking after the economy for straw hats. She does not have devil fruit power is not that strong compared to other members, but she holds her ground in a fight and does not depend on others. 

4. Usopp

Usopp’s birthday is April 1 (April Fool’s Day), which aligns with his personality. Luffy and Usopp have similar ages. What’s different between them is Usopp’s inclination to steer clear of dangers.

Usopp has a reputation as a coward who wants to be courageous like his father. His strength is huge in the fight because his mind is sharp, and he easily finds solutions.

5. Sanji

Sanji was 19 before the time skip and serves as the chef of Straw Hat Pirates. Straw hats are intelligent regardless of what their appearance may appear to be. Sanji is considered to be one of the vital members of the team. Sanji appears older than he really is and often feels flirtatious around women. Sanji has a great track record when fighting.

6. Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is the smallest member of the crew of straw hats. He is 15 years old; Zoro and Robin always look after Chopper. Tony’s birthday falls on December 24. He hails from a colder climate. Tony is a hybrid between a man and a reindeer and is extremely intelligent.

Many enemies need clarification on Chopper due to the size of his body and how he appears. Chopper is the doctor for the group

7. Nico Robin

Nico is the archeologist for the Straw Hat. She is among only a few individuals who understand the Poneglyphs. This means that Robin is the most dangerous person to the global Government. Robin is an expert in History and cultures from around the globe. She doesn’t show mercy when fighting.

8. Franky

Franky’s looks make him stand out among the group. Franky is 36, yet he fits in with the youngsters of the crew quite well. Franky is the shipwright and key player in maintaining the ship.

Franky can be seen mainly wearing his shorts and has gorgeous aesthetics. Franky aims to build the best ship and then travel the globe.

9. Brook

Brook is the most senior member of the Straw Hats and a musician. Brook passed away at the age of 38. However, his Devil fruit allows him to return to his former self. The appearance of Brook is a skeleton of a human, and he’s lived for over 90 years.

He retreated from the world, hid in solitude, and broke his isolation when he met Luffy. In addition to being a musician, Brook assists the team when fighting.

10. Jinbe

Jinbe was the leader of Sun Pirates before joining the Straw Hats. Jinbe is an amalgamation of the whale and shark and is 46 years old.

Jinbe is incredibly tall but shows a soft side to his personality. Jinbe can be described as a Sumo wrestler and is one of the strongest fighters without having devil fruit powers.

11. Vivi

Vivi joined the crew for a while during their travels. Since she is a princess, traversing the globe with them becomes quite complicated. Vivi is just 18 and was born on February 2.

She was part of the team to liberate Alabasta from the tyranny of Crocodile, and she left the crew after defeating the Baroque Works. Vivi is currently missing during Wano Country Arc. She is always part of the crew, even if she’s not with them, and always keeps track of their progress.

12. Gol D. Roger

Gol Dol. Roger is the Captain of Roger Pirates. Roger was the Pirate King before being executed in his hometown. Roger is considered to be the most powerful pirate in History. He had immense endurance and strength but was plagued by incurable illnesses.

Roger was among only a few individuals around the globe that could utilize three different types of Haki. The Navy didn’t actually capture Roger; instead, in the end, Roger turned himself due to his Terminal condition.

13. Shanks

Shanks is aged 39 and was born on March 9. Shanks is the Captain of Redhead Pirates. Luffy has often considered Shanks as his role model. Shanks is among the four Emperors who rule over the new world. He was an apprentice alongside Buggy on Gol D. Roger’s vessel.

Following Roger’s execution, his gang was formed. Shanks offered the straw hat to Luffy, promising he would see him again.

14. Kaido

Kaido is aged 59 and is Captain of the Beast Pirate Gang. He is regarded as one of the toughest animals on the planet. Kaido was among the 4 Emperors who ruled the world of the future. He is also the father of Yamato.

Kaido is introduced in the anime series following the time skip. Currently, there’s an ongoing battle between strong hats and an alliance with Kaido and Big Mom in Wano. He’s one of the main antagonists within One Piece.

15. Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma is 47 years old and was born on February 9. Kuma was one of the seven warlords until the group broke up. Kuma was the ruler of Solbay, the kingdom. Dr. Vegaspunk transformed Kuma into a Cyborg, and the reason for this is unknown. After his transformation, he was a slave to the celestial dragons.

16. Portgas D. Ace

Ace, Luffy’s sworn brother, was aged 20 and was born on January 1. He is the son of the King of pirates, Gol D. Roger and was raised by Garp.

He was a commander in the pirate group Whitebeards. Ace obtained power via Flare Flare fruit, which allowed him to turn himself into a fire. Ace passed away before the time skip, and Luffy was devastated and started to work harder to safeguard his loved ones.

17. Sabo

Sabo, Luffy and Ace are three sworn brothers. Sabo is now 22, following having passed the Time Skip. Sabo was born on March 20 and is the second highest rank of the Revolutionary Army. Sabo was born to wealthy parents. However, he left to search for a better life and become a pirate.

18. Koby

Koby was the first of many that were helped by Luffy and bonded with while on the journey. Koby is 22 years old and was born on May 13. Koby is now in the position of Marine Captain. Koby was famous enough to earn him the nickname Koby The Hero. The Blackbeard Pirates are detaining Koby after a failed attempt to capture Boa Hancock.

19. Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is 55 years old. He was born on October 5. Monkey D. Dragon is the chief commanding officer in the Revolutionary Army. He has been branded as the world’s most notorious criminal by the World Government. He is the father of Monkey D. Luffy, and Monkey D. Dragon is the child of Monkey D. Garp.

20. Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is 30 years old. He was born on June 2. Rob Lucci is one of the most powerful members of CPO. In addition, he’s part of the bodyguards of Aristocrats of the world. Rob Lucci is cold-blooded and brutal. Lucci has the strength of Cat Cat Fruit which allows Lucci to change into a leopard while increasing his speed and power.


One Piece currently has over 1000 episodes and keeps improving with every episode. Although it might seem daunting for a new audience, take your time and try to catch up. It will definitely be worth it. You can find everything else about One Piece in their wiki.


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