This Sumo Match With 16 Months Old Toddler Will Brighten Your Day [Video]

Sumo wrestlers may appear daunting to many people, particularly when you’re a young child who is just about the same height as their knees. But one child in Japan demonstrated he didn’t feel any fear to confront a sumo fighter in the ring, and when the wrestler approached him, he threw him off with a single gesture of his hand!

Sumo match with 16 year old toddler

The adorable moment was captured on film by the Kashiwa City Sumo Federation chairman, Akiyoshi Nagai (@rien0514). The video that he shared on Twitter features the 16-month-old son performing his first sumo match in the arena, and, as you can see from his enthusiasm and confidence during the brief game, the little boy has a massive sumo future in front of him.

The video illustrates that the fight begins as a real fight with both the wrestlers and kids battling using a shikiri starting position.

Sumo match with 16 year old toddler

While his opponent could be ten times larger than he is, the small wrestler has no fear when the toddler faces the big man and reaches up for a soft push on the shoulder.

Sumo match with 16 year old toddler

It’s enough to bring the giant back from the ring within six seconds of the fight, and the little boy won against Goliath!

When the loser dusts his feet, the kid is relieved to know that his superhuman strength did not cause any lasting harm to the opponent.

The match ends with short applause because the child turns around in a complete circle, adorably applauding his grin as large as the crowd surrounding him.

Sumo match with 16 year old toddler

The clip has been able to ammas 4.1 million views ever since it made its way to Twitter. It’s great to see the young wrestlers who are part of the Kashiwa junior sumo group run by Nagai, eager to keep the old-fashioned sport alive, particularly when most young people are scared to take up the sport.

If a wrestler is the youngest among the group, it could be necessary to wait a few minutes longer before joining the competitive team; however, you can continue to practice the sumo technique to reap the many advantages.


Source: Soranews24

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