Take A Look There’s A Hot Spring In Japan Where You Can Bathe With Capybaras

When Japanese people think of capybara, they usually think of one more thing — onsen. While bathing in onsen has long been a part of the Japanese culture, the capybaras (who are native to South America) are also known to take a dip in hot baths during the winter seasons to keep their bodies warm.

And as if watching these adorable capybaras bathe in their own little hot springs wasn’t cute enough, now we can actually bathe with them at the new onsen facility at Nasu Animal Kingdom in Tochigi Prefecture.

Scheduled to open on April 23rd, 2016, the Kingdom Onsen Capybara No Yu is the first facility in Japan of its kind. No where else will you be able to enjoy a day soaking in a hot bath with the adorable rodents.

Of course, you won’t actually be bathing in the same tub as the capybaras. Nasu Animal Kingdom is currently renovating their current hot springs to set up an outside bathing area for the animals. Visitors will be able to watch the capybaras bathe on the other side of a large glass window while they take a bath, and will also be able to go outside to see them up close.


Source: Nasu Animal Kingdom


Source: Nasu Animal Kingdom


Source: Nasu Animal Kingdom

3 to 4 capybaras will be placed outside of both the men’s and women’s baths, so everyone will get the chance to see them.

Though the capybaras probably won’t be as interested in you as you will be in them, who knows — maybe you’ll make a new bath time buddy during your trip.

Kingdom Onsen Capybara No Yu
Opens April 23rd, 2016
Hours: 1:00PM~5:30PM (6:00PM on weekends and holidays)
Fees: 500 yen adults/250 yen for children
Closed Wednesdays

*Only visitors of Nasu Animal Kingdom may use the facility.

Nasu Animal Kingdom / kiyoshi_og / nasudobutsuoukoku

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